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A serious medical issue requires immediate attention from a health professional. It's important to remember that our team of urgent care doctors in Lakeland have the experience to handle any problem that comes their way. Depending on the situation, patients must choose between the emergency room and a walk-in clinic. Sunshine Urgent Care provides fast, effective treatment for a multitude of minor illnesses and injuries. No appointment is needed, and most insurances are accepted.


When you work at a walk-in clinic, you must be prepared for anything. Our doctors and practitioners have the training and experience to handle any problem that comes their way. They also treat patients of all ages, which means they deal with medical issues that affect some age groups more than others. From kids with sore throats and ear infections to adults with colds and minor infections, our staff provides a consistently high level of care to every patient.


If you have a minor medical issue that cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment, a walk-in clinic is an excellent alternative. These issues include minor illnesses and injuries, fever or flu-like symptoms, minor allergic reactions, broken bones, sprains and strains, animal bites, mild asthma, and rash or other skin irritations. We also practice preventative medicine. Our clinic offers immunizations and flu shots, as well as physicals and health screenings to help patients avoid future health issues. We can even perform EKGs, X-rays, and lab work when needed.


Just like hospitals, urgent care centers like ours are staffed with experienced doctors and nurses who provide immediate care. But unlike the ER, we are not equipped to deal with serious, life-threatening conditions. As mentioned in our services section, we treat minor medical issues that require urgent care. So, if you have a serious illness or injuries such as profuse bleeding, chest pain, or respiratory issues, go directly to the emergency room, or dial 911.


Have a question about our facility or services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (863) 777-2740. We proudly serve Lakeland, Eaton Park, Highland City, Bartow, and all of Polk County.