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Open 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week No Appointment Needed
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Top Walk-in Clinic in Lakeland, FL

Some injuries and illnesses cannot be treated in a doctor’s office. They require immediate medical attention in a facility that was designed for urgent or emergency care. Located in Lakeland, FL, Sunshine Urgent Care is a modern walk-in clinic that provides treatment for a wide range of minor traumas and medical issues. No appointment is ever needed, and we accept patients of all ages.

Our Services

It is important to draw a distinction between an urgent care center and a hospital emergency room. The ER is a place for serious and sometimes life-threatening medical emergencies. Chest pain or pressure, difficulty breathing, uncontrolled bleeding, and coughing or vomiting blood are just a few examples of situations that require immediate emergency room care.

An urgent care facility, on the other hand, deals with less serious situations that may be painful but are not life-threatening. Minor burns or injuries, broken bones, sprains and strains, ear infections, coughs and colds, minor allergic reactions, fever or flu-like symptoms, mild asthma, rashes or other skin irritations, and animal bites are examples of issues we deal with on a regular basis.

Preventative Care

Because many minor medical issues can be avoided, our walk-in clinic focuses on preventative care. We provide health exams and screenings that may catch incipient illnesses before they adversely affect your health. We also offer flu shots and immunization to keep you from getting sick in the first place. Many of these services and procedures are covered by insurance.

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Our clinic proudly serves Lakeland, Eaton Park, Highland City, Bartow, and all of Polk County. We accept most forms of insurance, as well as cash payments. For more information about our services or facility, call us directly at (863) 777-2740. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.